Hey fellow drinkware seller! Are you ready...

> To hear your phone "cha-ching" from sales in your shop every day?

> To see 5 star reviews on your product listings?

> To be able to use your business money to help support your family?

> To get paid for your creativity and skills?

It begins with your Shop Images...want to know how?


Mockups for Makers


Get perfect product photos for your custom drinkware shop EVERY TIME and skyrocket your Etsy sales.


Fill your shop with well-lit, beautifully staged drinkware photos in hours instead of months. No expensive photoshoots with professional photographers required. Just you and Photoshop, working as a team. She's nice, I swear! Scroll down to learn more.

Or Four Payments of $89 over a 4-month period

"Sarah's lessons were short, sweet and packed with all the information I needed to create my own mock-up designs. I have used photoshop in the past, but basically approached the program as a brand new user. I was easily able to follow along with Sarah and learn the process.


Normally when I create a new product and need to take photos for my listing, I have to cut out the vinyl and put it on the glass itself. Then I have to photograph it and edit the photos.


It can be very time consuming and a waste of vinyl since many things I make are made to order. Sarah's process for using a mock-up to place your design in has saved me tons of time and product."


"Usually it would take hours to do all of things I needed to list new items in my shop. Now I can do it in 30 minutes."


- Caitlin Howard

Give your Etsy shop a makeover with sparkly, new, sales-generating photos (the easy way!)

Photoshop doesn't have to be scary! In this course you will learn how to make gorgeous shop images with ease. Send home the babysitter, cancel the photoshoot, and reclaim your weekend daylight hours...you can make perfectly lit and staged photo "scenes" for your drinkware, signage and clothing products any time of day with just your computer, by using Photoshop mockups. Yes YOU.


In just a few lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Confidently create professional product mockup images that attract buyers in droves (cha-ching!)

  • Automate image production so you can fill up your shop in minutes and hit your 100 items now, instead of next year.

  • Take your own gorgeous photos with a minimal equipment that are free of glare and ugly shadows

  • No pro photographers or designers needed...saving you thousands of dollars!


Or Four Payments of $89 over a 4-month period

Includes $200 in bonuses that set you up for success!

I've included these bonus files so you can hit the ground running with mockups in your shop right away - no need to complete all the lessons first. They're also great for practicing skills from the lessons, and seeing how completed mockups are put together. Enjoy!

Bonus 1

Individual glass (and frame) mockups - just add a background

These mockup bonus files help you get new listings in your shop on day 1 of the course! Just add your design & background.

Bonus 2

Readymade Photoshop Mockups

Have glittered products? Get those babies listed asap with these fancier mockups, on me!

Bonus 3

Mockup Scene Creators

You'll be able to look like a pro with styled scenes right away using these files. Everything is moveable!

Bonus 4

7 Pre-designed scenes

I created these 7 "scenes" using the scene creator above - so you don't have to style your photo from scratch. Just add your design!

Bonus 5

Bonus Photoshop Wineglass Mockups

If you sell wine glasses, these pretty photo mockups will bring them to life. Pop in your design and upload to Etsy and watch the $$ roll in.

"This is the one course you need. Stop going for every 'I can teach you... you see on FB and sign up for Sarah's course. You can waste time or you can take Sarah's course and get on with your life and business." - Deborah Ryan  

Can I afford it?

I get it, money doesn't just grow on trees. You have a budget and want to know if this program is worth investing in. You want to know if you'll really get a return.


To put things into perspective, you can STOP wasting time/materials, and START posting products that practically sell themselves for less than the cost of...

  • A color and cut at the salon

  • A couple shopping trips to Target (or 1 trip if you’re me!)

  • A girl’s night out (ask me about my impromptu singing performance on MY last girl's night ;-)

And don't worry, you'll be able to "treat yo'self" again because you'll make your money back in no time from the flood of new sales in your online shop!

For the same price as a year of stock photos, you can get the skills for

Remember, you get $200 worth of my readymade mockups INCLUDED in this course. So that means the program itself is only $97. You'll make that back with just a couple new shop sales.

With the knowledge from this course, you could list dozens of new products every week! And with the bonuses, you could start doing that IMMEDIATELY. Without even taking a single lesson.


If you were to hire me for custom design work, it would cost you $400 for 1 hour of my time.


This course gives you hours of video content AND mockup files AND the skills to make UNLIMITED mockups for yourself for FREE.


Plus, you get this PRICELESS benefit:
When your shop images are next level gorgeous, you feel so freaking proud, that you end up sharing and promoting your products with wild abandon. No more timid, occasional mentions. Nope. Instead you will want to shout from the rooftops about your stuff, because you finally have images that express the quality and professionalism of your drinkware.


Take the course and watch how your transform into:
The type of business owner who sells her stuff like crazy to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest,
 gets tons of visibility and EVEN MORE SALES. It's your turn.

Enroll in Mockups for Makers now!

Or Four Payments of $89 over a 4-month period

"I created a wedding sign for a client and she came back to me for an additional sign which I mocked up for her using the methods I learned from Sarah. My client reviewed the mockup then requested font changes, and once approved I proceeded to create the sign.


If I didn't use a mock-up for it, I would have taken a lot of time and spent $ on a sign that I couldn't use."


"Not only did the mockup reduce my time and cost, it also resulted in a second sale right away."


- Karin Hossack


Course Curriculum

Module 1

Orientation day!

  • You'll get acquainted with how the course works & how to reach me for help
  • I'll teach you about mockup "rules" on Etsy (for Etsy sellers)
  • There's even a glossary of terms and resource list to refer to


Module 2

Setup and overview of Photoshop (don't worry...just the bits you need)

  • You'll learn all about Sarah's tech setup (where the magic happens) 
  • A primer (and cheatsheet) on keyboard commands (the bees knees!)
  • Learn how to take a screenshot (so you can share your progress and I can cheer you on!)


Module 3

This special module is set up so you can pop in for reference about each tool in short easy vids

  • Quick video up front that teaches you how this module works
  • Short 2 mins or less videos about each tool so you can pop in to refresh your memory later
  • Tips about using your keyboard to fly between tools with ease


Module 4

The fun really begins here! Learn to get your cut file into Photoshop

  • How to get files out of Silhouette and Cricut and into PS
  • Trick to importing multi-colored designs into PS
  • Your first assignment! Practice your new skills.


Module 5

Photoshop basics and tricks to selecting - finally get your images cut out of their backgrounds!

  • We'll go over layer basics (you'll love layers)
  • Fun with the text tool and glyphs (yay pretty swashes!)
  • Learn to cut things out of backgrounds with multiple tools (pen, lasso, etc)


Module 6

Working with files and images (get comfy with your newfound skills)

  • See how easy it is to drag a PSD into a scene
  • Filter fun - switch up those background colors!
  • Amazing (and free) stock photo resources you can use commercially


Module 7

Smart Objects (this is the key to a wonderful life! I thinks at least ;-)

  • Learn how to make mockups for all sorts of different surfaces (even round ones like glasses)
  • See how smart objects can be copied and linked for magical effects
  • Walkthrough of amazing extras + downloads

Module 8

Advanced stuff! This module is optional but is basically all my mockup secrets I use in my own business.

  • Learn how to work with watermarks and logos (and make your logo into a brush)
  • Finally learn the tricks to realistic looking etching in mockups
  • See how I make my glass transparent without just erasing it all :D

Module 9

Tips for strategic image planning for your shop/social + how to automate so PS does all the work!

  • Learn how to make Photoshop export dozens of mockups all by itself'
  • See how I use documentation to organize my images
  • Social media template downloads included (plus learn to make your own as sizes change)

Module 10

Product Photography for Mockups (banish glare and harsh shadows!)

  • Intro and basics of product photography & tools needed
  • Learn how to plan a photo shoot (props/backdrop/supplies/strategy)
  • Editing tips to eliminate glare, shadows, and blue/dark photos

Or Four Payments of $89 over a 4-month period

"There is an endless list of tasks to be completed to build an Etsy shop or any type of web presence - the most important of which is photos that sell.


I used to spend hours taking my glass pieces to different windows to try to find the right natural light. I found a nice branch in the woods as a backdrop for my bracelets but that only lasted until fall turned to winter.


Sarah's mockup training has saved me countless hours. I can offer more products than I ever thought I could because the Photoshop mockups with the "smart objects" make it so easy to display new designs quickly.


You can search the web for Photoshop 'how to' videos for hours but you will never find any that are as useful as those by Sarah. They will be your "go to" references."


- Deborah Ryan, Presents Personalized


Mockups for Makers


Easily create perfect product listing images EVERY time and skyrocket your Etsy drinkware shop sales.



Or Four Payments of $89 over a 4-month period

About Sarah

Your instructor and fellow shop owner :-)

You made it to the bottom of the page! :-) I'm Sarah Guilliot, a professional designer and fellow Etsy seller who blogs over at www.SarahDesign.com. I created Mockups for Makers after seeing how drinkware sellers like you were struggling to get decent product photos. I totally get it!


When I opened my first Etsy shop, I immediately felt the pressure to get the magical 100 LISTINGS that everyone says you need to get sales. Sound familiar?

So I opened my shop in November, hoping to capitalize on Christmas sales and was immediately beset by these beasties:

  • Bad lighting (there's no sunlight at night after the kids go to bed)

  • No time (again, kids)

  • No equipment/props for beautifully staged photos

  • No money to blow on wasted materials just to take a photo!

Is this ringing true for you too?


Luckily, due to my background in design, I actually knew the answer to these issues. Mockups!


I knew that I could leverage my design skills to make mockups for my shop and be able to list beautiful and cohesive products any time of day or night, without a shred of photo equipment. 

So I dug in and created a process for my listings.


With my processes in place, I was able to export fully prepared, on-brand, polished, professional images for my Etsy shop in just 5 minutes per listing.


Doesn't that sound like something you need in your business? Imagine how much better life will be once you have MASTERED your product photos. It's such a load off.


You deserve to feel that sweet, sweet relief too :D


Frequently Asked Questions



Yes, you do need it to be installed for this challenge. I used the most current version of Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud at the time of recording, so I can't guarantee the lessons or files will work for you in older versions of the program.

Get the latest Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud at this link (this plan also gives you Lightroom, score!) to get it at the most inexpensive tier for $9.99/mo currently (affiliate link.) I won’t be able to troubleshoot your installation, but it’s very straightforward on the Adobe site.




No, I can't guarantee the lessons and files will work with anything other than Adobe Photoshop CC.




Nope, not a shred! I’ll give you an overview of the program tools and each task clearly explained and is small and totally achievable for complete beginners.




Absolutely! I’m going to teach you about the Photoshop tools and interface, and how to create a simple mockup by adding text or a cut file to a photo. I have some recommended stock photos to try this on (beer, wineglass) but you can easily do the same process with wood signs, frames, t-shirts, etc. Feel free to use other photos for your assignments and ask for help if you get stuck!




I don't have a dedicated group, but you CAN reach out to me over email anytime if you get stuck. I'm happy to help!




This course is yours! Take all the lessons now, or save them for later. Or both. You can log in to your course area anytime you need a refresher or want to grab the included files. You get access for the lifetime of the course.




You have access to the entire course immediately upon purchase. No waiting! Some students like to binge all the video lessons the first couple days, and others like to take one lesson and practice/let it sink in for a bit before moving on. It's entirely self-paced so go at whatever speed you prefer.




Sure, you can technically make mockups in all sorts of programs. But making high-quality mockups that look convincing (with cool things like shadows, and color tweaking, etc) is harder. Photoshop also allows you to make sure your image sizes are correct, control how you save out your file, and all kinds of other neat functions. Once you have a taste of the basics of this program, then the REAL fun begins. There's so much more you can do after you've warmed up to it. This is just the beginning!

“I love Sarah’s mock-ups. I have bought a few from different places in the past but Sarah’s are in a different league. Her mock-ups are the best I have ever used and I used a few over the years..." - Roy Tebbenham


Mockups for Makers


Easily create perfect product listing images EVERY time and skyrocket your Etsy drinkware shop sales.



Or Four Payments of $89 over a 4-month period


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